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Books for men and women by Elliott Katz

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Translated into 24 Languages Around the World!
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Wisdom for men on having a successful relationship

Are you a man who wants to regain love and respect from a woman?

Do you try hard to please her but she’s not happy?

Do you feel you’ve lost control of your life?

Are you a woman who is frustrated with today’s men?

A lot of men don’t realize what they’re doing to try to have a good relationship may actually be making things worse.

Are you tired of him saying, "Whatever you want"?

Are you a woman who is frustrated with a man who won't ever take charge of his share of responsibilities at home? Are you fed up with a man who won't ever make a decision? It is possible to change him. This book shares strategies on how to inspire a man to be more decisive and do his share of taking the lead at home and in the family.

This Must Read Book Can Help!

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